Our gym comes equipped with eight power racks and two deadlift platforms giving you plenty of options for powerlifting, olympic lifting or an opportunity to try out some of our specialty bars!

Power Racks And Deadlift Platforms


The Best Open Gym In Town

Our gym includes several treadmills, including non-motorized treadmills, assault bikes, concept 2 rowers, bikes and an elliptical.

Cardio Equipment


Our gym comes equipped with vacuum pressure Keiser machines, cable towers, cable crosses and leg machines!

Machines And Cable Cross


We stock a wide range of strongman equipment from atlas to stones to yolks and logs.

StrongMan Equipment


The fun doesn't stop there we also offer a sauna, discounted supplements, weighted vests, kettlebells and so much more!

Much Much More


Open Gym Auto Pay

24/7 access to our extensive range of equipment for just 45 dollars a month!